Discover a unique world of success, inspiring leadership and mental strength.
Immerse yourself in a new era of business development. Empathy, open communication
and respectful cooperation are the key to long-term success. 

Experience a transformative journey with Be Yourself Academy’s lectures, seminars and coaching
for caring companies that value sustainable success, inspiring leadership and mental health.

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“I have never seen something that Norman Gräter did.”

Gabriel Mantler / Head of Customer Happiness with Klick-Tipp

Norman Gräter Anke Rehfeldt Firmenconsulting

We are Anke Rehfeldt & Norman Gräter

C-Level Advisor, successful book authors, speakers and founder of the Be Yourself Academy. In other words, absolute big thinkers, enthusiasm specialists and inspirers of entrepreneurial personalities who put people first. The Be Yourself Academy is for caring companies and people who act as role models who care about the mental health of their managers, employees and fellow human beings and who want to tackle the greatest adventure of all time together as a team for the benefit of everyone. Let us work together to sustainably enrich the lives of others through your products or services.

Empathy is the key to other people’s hearts. This does not come through old paradigms, but through open, respectful and shared communication and behavior on an equal footing. That’s exactly what makes the Be Yourself Academy special. We live empathy.

In addition, through my work I support the Unstoppable Foundation financially every month to create a safer and fairer world for children and communities in developing countries.

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"Our mission is to make you a even GRÄTER game changer in your (professional) life, so that you can create an even bigger ripple effect with more enthusiasm and ease to make this world a better place for all of us."

Anke Rehfeldt & Norman Gräter / Founder & CEO at Be Yourself Academy GmbH


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For managers

Through an extended understanding of the wishes and desires of the human being behind your employee, this will also inspire maximum performance. For this you need a different form of communication, presentation and inspiration.

Your six steps to more performance:

  1. Start with a motivational speech
  2. Get the book “I AM GRÄTER” as a follow-up
  3. Have a look at our amazing Seminar series

Further for growth-oriented executives:

+ “Inspiration instead of presentation” – Reach people permanently in their hearts instead of losing them in their heads after 10 seconds

+ The opportunity for Entrepreneur Coaching or Corporate Consulting with Norman Gräter

Norman Gräter - Leicht und begeistert
Oscars für Peggy Phil und Norman Gräter

For employees

As soon as the managers know and live the new way of inspiration, the employees are also brought on board. Otherwise, the authentic and exemplary change will only happen to a limited extent if the employees are supposed to live something that is not exemplified “from the top”. However, the following three steps are possible at the beginning.

Three steps to more efficiency:

  1. Start with a Motivational Speech
  2. Get the book “I AM GRÄTER” as a follow-up
  3. Have a look at our amazing Workshops

Learn how to ignite the inner flame in your employees heart

For us, mental health starts with managers getting to know themselves better as a human being. What motivates me, how can I communicate more meaningfully, what are my personal goals, how do I fascinate myself and others and how do I deal better with changes or setbacks? The modern manager should have an answer to these questions. Only then will people know whether their ideas and the ideas of the company will link together. Leadership in an authentical, honest and open way. Have a look at our Corporate Consulting.

It’s time for a game changer with a clear goal in mind:

Intrinsic balanced executives = enthusiastic employees = enthusiastic customers = secure sales = enthusiastic company management

Change begins with each individual

That’s why the Be Yourself Academy has this almost magical path of spiritual and mental health, which brings more understanding, more clarity and thus more trust in the individual and the whole team through new peceptions. As a result, people will act, react and communicate with each other in a completely different way.
More than 30 years of professional experience with people and companies from all over the world, over 400 talks with Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others on the subject of “success in life” and an all-connecting passion:

Because at the Be Yourself Academy we work exclusively with human beings and not with a title or a position. Only a person who is balanced and enthusiastic in all areas of life will be able and willing to put in the best effort at work.

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“It is time for the next level”

Available on Amazon – exclusively as a book, audio book and e-book

Buch Ziel-Erreichung von Norman Gräter

Every human being has an enormously high potential. Unfortunately, most managers and employees do not know their actual potential. This means that people only use a part of their actual power on the way to their (corporate) goals.
This book is pure awareness! Support your team in recognizing and developing their own potential. Using the Anker™ method and five simple keys, more success, more motivation and more self-confidence can be achieved in all areas of life.

The book shows the solution, how exactly this is possible.

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