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Leadership skills for entrepreneurs and executives who aspire to develop their company into a Caring Company through an expanded mindset, putting people at the center.


"Since the workshop, many colleagues have approached me, expressing how wonderful they found your contribution. You truly made this year's workshop special, and your presentation will stay in our memories for a long time."

Michael Hummelbrunner / Global Director Finance & Controlling / Magna Steyr

Better decisions = better leader?

What makes a great leader? They deliver the desired results. How do leaders achieve the desired results? They must positively influence others and enlist their support for their goals. And how do they positively influence people? By making the right decisions. In our workshops, leaders gain mental techniques for enhanced performance that inspires.

“You can only break out of prison
when you realize that you are in one.”

Vernon Howard

How about gaining more motivation, improving communication effectiveness, achieving goals more efficiently, increasing fascination, and fostering a greater willingness for change? Additionally, mastering the so-called “Law of Attraction” more effectively for both business and personal goals. This way, individuals within the organization would find it easier to make more effective decisions and take on more responsibility.


These workshops assist leaders in getting to know themselves and others better, thereby enabling them to make great and responsible decisions.

Norman Gräter distinguishes himself through his unique ability to inspire people for change in his intuitive and captivating manner. He creates an emotional connection that makes his workshops an unparalleled and enduring experience.

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"Norman Gräter is someone who has inspired me in his presentations and convinced me in his webinars. Authentic impact, with a wealth of life experience and knowledge, numerous simple and vivid examples that are applicable in everyday life, and it leaves you craving for more. My recommendation for everyone looking to further develop in life! Thank you, Norman, for your very personal work!"

Michael Wagner / Entrepreneur

Every business problem is a personal problem

Norman Gräter Workshop Spaß Optimismus

Often, leaders attribute their challenges solely to external circumstances, saying, “Something outside is to blame for how I feel inside.” Are you ready for a journey closer to yourself? Do you want to strengthen your optimism to go to work and home even more content and free? In addition to Norman Gräter’s inspiring lectures, we offer workshops tailored for small groups where you can work on and take away a lot for yourself. Lightness, fun, and a growth mindset take center stage. If you want to gain maximum momentum and see the big picture behind personal change, consider booking all the workshops.

At the end of the workshops, you will leave with strengthened self-confidence, a clearer understanding of your personal sources of motivation, and the ability to activate your inner motivation at will, rather than being driven by circumstances. This inner motivation will not only enhance your professional commitment but also increase your personal satisfaction. How? By learning to change your behavior at will, making it easier to make decisions more efficiently.

Joy in life = Success at work

These workshops will help you for the following reasons


Many people need a sense of purpose or a goal in life, and by this, we don’t mean just the business goal but a personal goal that aligns with the company’s interests. Only then will the employee show full commitment. This happens when values are similar, when the vision is fascinating and inspiring, and when there is a meaningful reason for the employee to come to work each morning. To ensure this, both the company and the employee need to know what they stand for and where they want to go. The workshops provide precisely the necessary tools to discover this. Because that is the foundation for satisfied employees in the workplace and the deep purpose of a Caring Company.

Norman Gräter. Ziel im Leben

"The seminar days with you were very enriching, and I thank you immensely. Norman, you deeply touched me with your words on our first seminar day, making me reflect and shedding a few tears in the process. Engaging with oneself, confronting one's own thoughts and feelings without avoidance, is a process. Thanks to you, I now know how to navigate through it. This realization was crucial for me and helped me understand many things better. Anke also played a significant role in this; your presence alone had a profound impact, and our evening conversations are beyond words. You've given me strength, ensuring that I'll handle certain situations better in the future. Thank you for the wonderful shared days, your unique work, and your time, even after the seminars. I look forward to seeing both of you again!!! Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart, and until soon."

Jessica Möller / PaySelect GmbH

Personal development for executives

A Mindset Workshop Support for leaders and executives who want to (re)ignite their enthusiasm for work and life, delegate more responsibility, and make more effective decisions.

There are six workshops that will boost your mindset as a leader:


Workshop "Master Of Motivation"

How about being able to activate your inner motivation in a second whenever you need it? Because only when you are motivated yourself, can you inspire others. A workshop for more joy in life and consequently greater success in your job.
For further information, click here.


Workshop "Master Of Communication"

The key to all your dreams and goals lies in other people, as they possess today what you would like to have tomorrow. The crucial component in this equation is the right form of communication. Learn to communicate more meaningfully with yourself and others.
For further information, click here.


Workshop "Master Of Goal Achievement"

Why do you achieve smaller goals with ease, while larger goals often seem harder to reach? Learn how your brain perceives the difference between success and failure and how you can effortlessly achieve big goals from now on.
For further information, click here.


Workshop "Master Of Fascination"

When you’re fascinated, life feels great and easy. How can you tap into and effectively utilize this fascination in your busy everyday life? And how can you gain more time in life to achieve your dreams and desires? You will find out in the workshop.
For further information, click here.


Workshop "Master Of Change"

“If you don’t change with the times, the times are going to change you” is an old management quote. How can you find joy in change, even when it comes unexpectedly from the outside, and you would have preferred to continue on your previous path? After the workshop, you will embrace every change.
For further information, click here.


Workshop "Master Of Law Of Attraction In Business"

You probably are familiar with the natural law of “Sowing and Reaping” or “Cause and Effect.” What if each of your thoughts has the potential to become reality? But how do you use your thoughts effectively to achieve your goals? In the workshop, you will discover The Secret.
For further information, click here.


Leadership Development Program - 12 Months

A transformation process for companies, executives, and employees looking to evolve towards a Caring Company. Through monthly live online workshops, employees gain the tools to be more inspired and successful at work and in life.
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Invest in the personal development of your leaders and employees now. Because happy employees are more likely to remain engaged with the company. Additionally, the employees will pursue the company’s set goals with full force.

Are you ready to positively develop the mindset of the people in your company?

1. Then email us at booking(AT)
2. You will receive access to our online calendar and can choose an available slot
3. In our personal online meeting, we will discuss all the details and determine how we can work together

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"Norman Gräter encourages people to surpass themselves. He provides new perspectives, leading to the desired shift in outlook."

Marc Meyer / Director HR / Hamelner Teppichwerke GmbH & Co. KG


Attain the right mindset for your work and life. Create a supportive environment that accompanies you permanently.


The imparting of knowledge should be easy and inspiring, ensuring it is permanently anchored. Experience Edutainment at its best.


You can implement the learned skills directly. The effective training methods automatically embed them to achieve the desired change.

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"I had the pleasure of experiencing Norman Gräter during an event in Sofia, and I caught myself hanging on his every word. The man not only delivers a clear message but also has a unique way of emotionally connecting with people. I would recommend Norman anytime and look forward to future events with him!"

Michael Wohlfahrt / Entrepreneur

We only work with entrepreneurial personalities

  • Passionate entrepreneurs with a heart in the right place
  • Companies oriented toward humanity (human centricity)
  • Leaders who are already successful, want to make a positive impact on this world, and are ready for the next (spiritual) growth step
  • Role models who know their strengths but feel stuck and overwhelmed due to the demands of everyday life
  • Entrepreneurial personalities who prioritize regaining control over their own lives and time

Under what conditions does Norman Gräter want to work with you?

  • You are aware that only YOU can bring about a change
  • You acknowledge that you must be the first to apply the new perspectives yourself
  • You recognize that for lasting change, you need to invest continuously in your mindset
  • You come to the workshops as you are, not wearing the hat of a boss, entrepreneur, leader…
  • We exclusively work with the person behind the title

Norman Gräter’s unique and intuitive coaching style was awarded the “Trainer of the Year” in 2017.

Auszeichnungen NLP Toastmaster und Trainer-Allianz für Norman Gräter
Norman Gräter Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten Workshop

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