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Do you want to touch people’s hearts and inspire change with your speech? You’re in the right place. We craft your emotional speeches & keynotes and support you through personalized speech coaching. Welcome to the Speaker & Presentation Academy for speaking heroes.


"I've heard from so many participants of the TED X Berlin conference that I had the best speech of the evening. I myself am overwhelmed, as I was the only one who spoke in German. Even people from the UK, Senegal, Brazil, who only spoke a little German, communicated through others that the speech was so good. All because of the way I presented it. I am so happy and grateful. Thank you so much for your help."

Ali Can / Author & Social Activist

Leadership today requires you to be an
outstanding speaker

Imagine enjoying the smiles, satisfied expressions, and radiant eyes of your audience. As you conclude your speech, thunderous applause fills the room. Many listeners rise with enthusiasm, and soon the entire audience respectfully stands to give you a standing ovation for your unique presentation.

Imagine this reaction becoming the norm for every one of your speeches from today onwards!

“You must know how to speak to the audience today.
A public speech is the best way to motivate a large group.”

Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler

It is absolutely necessary today, regardless of the industry you are in, that you are capable of speaking in public. And strongly and convincingly! If you still want to do this with numbers, data, and facts, you have lost directly.

As a leader, it is absolutely necessary to be an exceptional speaker. You have to constantly address boards and team members. Customers and colleagues. Bankers and politicians. Associations and private clubs.


Norman Gräter stands out for his unique ability to inspire people on their journey to an emotional speech in his intuitive and captivating way. He creates a special emotional connection, making the content an unparalleled experience for the audience, leading to the desired change afterward.

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"My feedback for Berlin: the weekend was exceptionally instructive. I was able to take home a new presentation and a different person. In my presentation on Saturday, there were the most guests of all the offered talks. The audience was captivated from the first minute and fully engaged. After that, the sensation at the booth. So many customers at once... fantastic. Thank you. I can't believe it yet."

Sylvia Knorr / Entrepreneur

Doesn’t it take a lot of time
to prepare a good speech?

Norman Gräter Speaker Academy Redner Vortrag

Yes! Every good speech typically requires long hours of preparation. Even if you give a few speeches each year, the preparation time is a crucial factor.

The challenge

Most people struggle to find time in their daily lives to implement the theory from seminars and books. They also don’t receive feedback on whether their speech really resonated with the audience.

The solution?

A clear structure that saves you 90% of your time and brings 200% more approval! The previously unreleased structure used by all top speakers, significant leaders, and politicians. Speechwriters for Barack Obama, such as David Litt, or Bill Clinton’s speechwriter Michael Waldman, use this structure for historic speeches by the world’s most powerful men.

We can help you


The speaker training is suitable for individuals who want to speak confidently, calmly, with conviction, and enthusiasm in front of others. It is also for those looking to become a “Keynote Speaker” or an “authentic entrepreneur.” It’s designed for individuals who want to further develop their personality, those with a goal to create lasting positive change in the world with their message or product, and those who want to understand how to achieve maximum impact with their audience or customers.

We can either write the speech for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

Norman Gräter emotionale Vorträge Redner

"Less than a week later, I defended my academic thesis at the Steinbeis Academy - and received a straight A. Working with Norman and Anke greatly helped me prepare for the situation, overcome my fears and self-doubt before the presentation, and present professionally and confidently. After my defense, I was even offered a doctoral position at the academy."

Ann-Kathrin Grieße

Writing Emotional Speeches – Here’s How

The Speaker and Presentation Academy supports you exactly where you need help. We write your emotional speech, we revise your already completed talk, or we work together with you to create your signature speech that absolutely aligns with your authentic self and touches people’s hearts.

There are different ways to support you with your speech or presentation:


Speech and Presentation Inspection for Finished Works

You have already written a speech or presentation and would like to have the emotional finishing touch for it? Then our Speech and Presentation Inspection is just right for you.
For more information, click here.


Have an emotional speech written for you

You want to touch and inspire your employees or guests with your speech, leaving a lasting impact for change? Then, we write your emotional speech tailored to your content and preferences.
For more information, click here.


The Charizma Code for Emotional Entrepreneur Personalities & Future Speakers

You wish to be the lighthouse in the room as soon as you enter? You want to be seen and perceived, creating a wave of enthusiasm with your speech? Then we’ll show you how that’s possible. Welcome to the Charizma Code in our ISA (Inspirational Speaker Academy).
For more information, click here.

Invest in yourself and your impactful message that moves people. We assist you in shaping your story into an inspiring form and presenting it successfully on stage.

Are you ready to acquire the know-how that turns ordinary speeches into unforgettable ones?

1. Then email us at booking(AT)
2. You will receive access to our online calendar where you can choose a convenient time for you
3. In our personal online meeting, we will discuss all the details and determine how we will work together

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"You are wholeheartedly committed and support your participants with full dedication wherever you can."

Daniela Bernhardt / Author


Only by meaningfully and effectively incorporating your own story into your speeches and presentations are you authentic.


When people leave your speech enthused, you have touched their hearts and built an invaluable connection.


Once you’ve learned our effective presentation structure, you can overlay it like a template on each of your future speeches.

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"I'm finally enjoying presenting again, and since I implemented the ideas and suggestions, I consistently receive excellent feedback in my oral presentation exams."

Lucy Sauter

Your Expert: Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

    Experience Norman Gräter, the award-winning keynote speaker and three-time European champion in public speaking, who intuitively and passionately inspires people towards sustainable change. As an expert in mental health and motivation, bestselling author, and C-level consultant, he is the ideal partner for emotional and impactful speeches.

    With qualifications such as NLP Master, Hypnosis Coach, and Communication Trainer, he captivates companies worldwide, including PayPal, Bosch, DAIMLER, Viessmann, DACHSER, TUI Cruises, Würth, and many others through inspiring speeches and workshops.

    Norman Gräter demonstrates how enthusiasm and self-belief lead to goal achievement. His AnkeR™ method inspires people to make small changes in their mindset to create a positive ripple effect.

    Three European championship titles in public speaking and numerous awards distinguish Norman Gräter. Hollywood is currently incorporating his AnkeR™ method, which will be featured in an upcoming blockbuster based on his life story. This is just the beginning of his vision to inspire over 1 billion people and positively impact the world.

    Norman Gräter creates a space for self-love, free from the fear of rejection. His drive is to pass on this impulse in his work with compassionate individuals and in his speeches. He touches hearts and creates a positive ripple effect for the entire community. That is the true driving force of his being.

    Auszeichnungen NLP Toastmaster und Trainer-Allianz für Norman Gräter
    Norman Gräter 2023 Motivationsredner

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