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How does it feel when you (once again) courageously achieve your financial goals, trust fearlessly, let go of certain things, and remain true to yourself and your own path without completely ruining your health or quality of life? Would you then be back in your full strength and radiance? Get your support now with the Trainer of the Year 2017, Norman Gräter – The Inspirator.

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"Norman inspires entrepreneurs to grow beyond themselves without compromising their own health."

Karl Kummerer* / Founder & CEOEntrepreneur (*Name changed)


I am happy and thankful that you are here. May I take a guess? If you are like me a view years ago, you “play” a role at work. And at home you “play” a different role. And with your friends (the few real ones that are left) you “play” another role.

What happened to me back then was that the real me had adapted to these roles over the years and I no longer knew who I really was deep down. Raised as a Christian, my motto was always: “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”. Meant for me – the other person (my Neighbor) is more important than me. I gave everything to others. From their point of view, however, I have always fully lived my own needs and desires. Backstage at great concerts, first class trips around the world, conversations with stars and celebrities… Appearance versus reality. As soon as my door at home closed in the evening, I just wanted to leave again very quickly. Run… run to… hm, I had no idea where to run to. This silence and the time with me all alone were often hell. Because at night they came. The thoughts. The voices. The accusations. Realizing what I really wanted. And what has always distracted me? I jumped into even more work.

There were also coaches, seminars, books, workshops… I’ve had and attended so many. Always looking for the solution outside of me. Did they bring me great ideas? Sure. So that I could distract myself even more on the outside. And inside I was getting more and more restless. “Write down your goal 100 times a day.” “Here, another checklist.” “You definitely have to attend this seminar and fill out another workbook and… and… and…” At some point I saw this quote:

“You can not escape a prison if you do not know you’re in one.”
Vernon Howard

And that’s when I realized. I have to do shit. Because I was looking in the wrong place for a solution. I wanted a new kitchen but instead painted the outside of my house in new colors all the time. My mentor at this time brought an old familiar phrase back to my consciousness and asked, “Norman, what is the most important word in the phrase ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself ‘? I pondered. “Love…neighbor…I don’t know.” He smiled. “The most important word in the sentence is “As”. As Thyself. How much love can you give your neighbor if you don’t love yourself? Not the love of your role. But the love for you when you are all alone with yourself in the silence and then all the thoughts come sneaking up on you?” Ok, caught right handed.

So, I went on a journey. “Reconnect to love and to myself”. This was my motto and still is today. Because this is a road that never ends.

Accepting and loving me as I am in this very moment, takes a lot of courage and time. However, the feeling of liberation when you can finally breathe freely again is priceless. Today I know again who exactly I am. What I can. Where I want to go and have the happiest relationship ever. And all this in absolute freedom for me. Do I still love my job? More than ever. And I do it in a third of the time today. My wife’s favorite phrase is “Don’t you have to do anything on the computer?” Nope. My old self did. Now I am completely in the here and now with her. And while I shoot the flowers off the piano with my kids playing soccer in the living room, I look forward to every second with them, whereas I used to be thinking about my next appointment.

Our collaboration in the coaching is about supporting you on this journey back to yourself. No judgment, no guilt, no blame, no finger lifting and no reproach on my part. You’re fine the way you are. And that’s how I accept you. It’s about “dropping things” instead of “making yourself even better” with new topics every time. The challenge is that you too accept yourself as you are deep inside. I can help you 100% with that. And that in a period of 6 months. Because this is the time to form a new and lasting habit in your brain Are you ready to embark on this adventure? Reconnect to love and to yourself.

I support entrepreneurs in getting the necessary change in perspective from their daily routine

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"Norman's support and advice go far beyond the usual measure. Norman Gräter immediately establishes a communication level on an equal footing and, if necessary, takes the time for an exchange even on weekends. I have not experienced such commitment from a coach or consultant in the last 20 years. Many thanks to Norman Gräter!"

Uwe Jörß / CEO Valet One

Why Norman is a special 1:1 executive coach:

“As a 1:1 Executive Coach, I distinguish myself through a unique combination of profound Human Design understanding and over 400 authentic conversations with world-class personalities. My focus extends beyond professional success, aiming to recognize individual potentials and instigate sustainable changes on a personal level. Leveraging my intuitive reflective abilities (Reflector 6/2), I provide tailored guidance that empowers executives to lead authentically and experience personal growth – delivering a unique coaching experience for sustainable professional and personal transformation.”
Norman Gräter – The Inspirator

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"Before we met, I was incredibly driven because I didn't know what my goal was, and as a result, I couldn't even see it on the horizon. Since we've known each other, I know what I want, so now I recognize it when I see it, and I just have to take it. Gamechanger! Thank you very much; everything can be so simple when you know how!"

Max Schaad / Investor & Entrepreneur (*name changed)

Do you know Michelangelo?

Oscars für Peggy Phil und Norman Gräter

Michelangelo was once asked how he managed to create his world-famous statue of David. He quoted a young boy who visited him after completion and asked, “How did you know that man was there in the stone?” Children and fools always tell the truth.

Instead of creating something out of “nothing” (the marble block), Michelangelo saw the marble block already as something perfect. He just had to take a few rough edges off. And this he did in his work. Michelangelo removed everything from the marble block that wasn’t David.
This is exactly what we do together in our coaching time. You are already perfect. You’ve just inherited a few rough edges from other people during your life time, which we can now let go of.
Therefore, we will always come back to the question: What am I willing to let go of in order to be who I really am.

Why should I be able to help you with my 1: 1 coaching and consulting?


If I am an expert in something, then to get people excited about their own life, dreams and visions. I invite you into a new story in order to rekindle the fire of passion for yourself. We will make your dream even bigger and I’ll show you how you can achieve it with a lot less hard work and leave behind a huge ripple effect that inspires you and others and builds a legacy. During our coaching I will tell you what I learned from over 400 celebrity conversations as well.

Norman Gräter mit Arnold Schwarzenegger

"In management, you are quite alone "up there" and always fish in your own pond. I have always been concerned with the question of exchanging new points of view. I got new perspectives through you, and now I know how to change my thinking and ask better questions. I am no longer alone and have a neutral person who shows other perspectives of my employees from a professional point of view without emotion. This broadens my horizons and enables me to be a better leader. Therefore, I understand the actions of others better and know that their actions have nothing to do with me. In addition, I have recognized my strengths and understand more about the weaknesses of others. Many thanks, Norman."

Jonas Herrmann * / CEO of a World Market Leader (*Name changed)

Coaching and Consulting for
heart centered Gamechangers

Personal 1:1 Coaching “Fast & Effective”

You want to get personal answers to all of your questions?

Book your 1:1 online coaching “Fast & Effective” with Norman now.
You have questions about your relationship, how to deal better with your employees, want creative things such as your homepage texts, flyers, logos, etc. under the aspect of “storytelling” reviewed, would you like support in living your company values or are you stuck somewhere else and can’t get any further? You want a boost, new spiritual and people-oriented ideas for a quick solution that comes out of yourself? Then I am your sparing partner for 55 minutes. Send me an email now and let’s get started.

Your investment for your life of joy, authentisity and clarity: 1 x 120 – 150 min 850 Euro plus tax

Do you want to go deeper? 5 Sessions á 120 – 150 min for more drive and power: 6.500 Eur0 plus tax

Personal 1:1 Coaching “Executive”

Here is a glimps into the life changing effects of my previous coachies:


More focus on the things that really matter to you


The voices in your head disappear and your inner drive subsides - without alcohol or other intoxicants


Much more clarity and courage to live your desires and to be more authentic


Together we will make your vision even bigger, livelier and more achievable, by uncovering more parts of your true potential


From appearance to being - instead of showing the outside world how great you are, you experience a change to bring out your inner radiance and to accept and love yourself as you are


More laughter and joy with colleagues, your sweetheart and the children instead of frustration all around you


A more loving partnership or marriage with more romance, passion and tenderness as you will no longer need anyone to love you


Letting go of many habits that hinder your momentum as colleagues will take on more personal responsibility


Your judgmental understanding and sometimes negative behavior towards others will rotate 180 degrees


You finally sleep through the night again and find inner peace and contentment every day


More health, more free time, more joie de vivre, more lightness and more freedom


And much more... namely exactly what you wish from deep within

“I hold the space for you during our 6 months together” Norman Gräter

Book your 1:1 online executive coaching with Norman now.
Since it is about your goals and wishes, the coaching will take place over a period of six months in such a way that it fits perfectly into your schedule. There are no rigid sessions, hourly packages or other specifications. You need support NOW in the form of micro coachings? I’m here. Need a boost of motivation before an important meeting? I’m here. Stuck and need a little tip? I’m here. Whether you’re sitting in the car, on the toilet or in your garden… I don’t care. You as a person are important to me instead of looking at your shell, your location or the form of our communication. Therefore, I will also be in the garden, traveling or in the office. Depending on when we want to speak. In addition to my micro coaching support, you will also receive five laser coaching sessions of 1 – 2 hours each to bring even more clarity to your goals and desires. Like this idea? Then write me an email now and let’s get started.

Your investment into your life of joy, authentisity and freedom: 8.500 Euro plus tax
for 6 months in the form of micro coaching as well as for 5 laser coaching sessions (120 – 150 min each)

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"Have you ever sat by the pool with Norman Gräter? I have. It felt like I had an everyday private conversation. Then I went to my hotel room, and started planning an Instagram post, revising my price structure and calling a business partner that I hadn't spoken for far too long. All three actions bore fruit about four weeks later. They originated from the conversation at the pool. And now imagine that you are not just sitting at the pool with Norman Gräter, but you visit one of his events, listen to one of his lectures or seek direct advice from him. What will happen four weeks later? I think quite a few things. That's why I can recommend Norman Gräter without hesitation!"

Dr. Stephan Gärtner / Lawyer & DSGVO Specialist

This is what international mentors say about  Norman Gräter

Phil Goldfine
Multi-Award Winning Hollywood Producer

Peggy McColl
New York Times Bestselling Autor

JT Foxx
Worlds #1 Wealth & Business Coach

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"Norman is a distillate of knowledge that I could not acquire in the time and measure. The ongoing "inspiration almanac." All the knowledge is applied to me and translated that I understand. Things that have fallen asleep wake up again. I feel better and better after the meetings. The meetings take the pressure off me - something falls off. I also have a new perspective that I don't get from my managers. Not strategically according to the ordinary way, but openly - wherever there is a challenge. Everything I do is ok - Norman does not evaluate but shows me other ways and possibilities."

Boris Feer* / CEO and Founder of a movie production company (*Name changed)


Tired of pretending to be just to please others?
Do you finally want to be who you really are?
Are you ready to connect to your spiritual side?
Then you are exactly right here.


Would it be nice to get other people to act through your own enthusiasm instead of pushing them ahead of you with manipulation & pressure?


You can apply and use the content of my corporate consulting in all areas of life: Job, everyday life, family, health, finances, and much more.

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"Your unconventional and intuitive coaching style has always led me in the right direction. Sometimes different than I had imagined, but always very effective and goal-oriented. It did not go according to the rule book or a rigid plan from the drawer. Rather, the plan was oriented and adapted to my current needs and challenges. As a result, you have opened my eyes to new things, often through stories or examples from your life and from encounters. So that I can recognize my true potential, have more clarity, and, by holding up the mirror, I can see which path is the right one for me."

Berthold Metzger* / Board Member World Market Leader  in the field of sanitary (*Name changed)

Becoming Gräter


“How many clients to you have? One. The one I work with.”
Norman Gräter

  • For passionate entrepreneurs who have their hearts in the right place and are human-oriented.
  • Entrepreneurs who are already successful, and want to create a ripple effect in this world and now want to take the next step in (spiritual) growth.
  • People who know where their strengths lie and still get stuck.
  • For those who want to regain control of their lives, who want to build strength and bring their inner calling forward.

Under what conditions does Norman Gräter work with you?

  • You know that only YOU can change something.
  • That you have to apply the new perspectives yourself.
  • You know that you have to invest in yourself for lasting change.
  • You come into my coaching as you are (not in your identity as a boss, entrepreneur …). I only work with you as a person.

Norman Gräter’s intuitive and unique coaching style was rewarded with the “Trainer of the Year” award in 2017.

Auszeichnungen NLP Toastmaster und Trainer-Allianz für Norman Gräter
Norman Gräter Unternehmer Coaching

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