5 exercises that will bring you closer to yourself again

The basis to Be Yourself

“Boy, Norman, you’ve got a real talent. Since I’ve been following you and incorporating your welcome courses, it’s really made a difference.
I really went through hell after the death of my ex and child. But you did something that three psychologists failed to give me. To find the WILL within me again.”
Kai Mueller (name changed)

With a different THINKING more self-confidence!

With these 5 exercises, create the basis for you to regain your life.

You get in this package:

Your Vision

Have you lost your entrepreneurial vision somewhere on your way?

In the vision exercise, you will find many questions that will definitely bring you closer to your original goal. Because your work only makes sense with a clear vision.

Your Productivity

Do you get distracted by all sorts of things in your everyday life? Do you more and more miss the focus on what is really important?

Then I’ll be happy to give you my personal planner, with which I can keep an eye on my goals every day.

Your Beliefs

Sentences like “Why don’t they all do what I want” mean that tomorrow, you will still achieve the same thing you already have today.

With this exercise, you change your beliefs. You will take the first step in a new direction.

Your Values

The guard rails for what you do every day are your values. Do you know them? Because this will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Find out your values here. Because in addition to your company, they will also bring your relationship back on track.


Your Time-Worth

I know you like to do things yourself. Some are just not your job. You can work on your company and not in the company. To help you understand why do this exercise.

In this exercise, find out your value per hour.


Bonus Videos

To make the exercises as easy as possible for you, I’ll give you the appropriate explanatory videos.

Only if you DO these exercises will your thoughts and actions change. Therefore it is important to me that you understand everything.

Value: 198 Euro

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Warning: You will only get different results if you start in the right place (not working longer and harder).

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Norman Gräter

Gamechanger & Mindset Coach

Norman Gräter is a passionate inspirer. In his exceptionally inspiring, emotional and authentic lectures, he shows how goal attainment works through more enthusiasm, once you start to believe in yourself. Only those who know their own worth can experience the best in their professional and private lives.

That is why it is used worldwide by companies such as PayPal, Bosch, DAIMLER, Viessmann, Würth and many others. booked. He shows how small changes in your own attitude change the maximum. Are you ready for your next adventure?

Norman Gräter - Freier PR Berater & preisgekrönter Storyteller
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